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Medical Equipments
Professional ICU Electric Bed


Safety Load  230kg
Overall Length 2300mm
Overall Length ith extended pallet 2500mm
Overall Width 1080mm
Bed board 2100mm ×840mm
Mattress Size 2100mm ×840mm ×80mm
Height djustment 490mm-890mm
Angle of back rest segment inclination 0° 5°
Angle of leg rest segment inclination 0° 5°
Angle of lateral ilt 30 °
Trendelenburg/Anti-ttrendelenburg ±17°
Weight system recision 50g
Backrest x-ray cassette holder 420mm*650mm
Slip -rray cassette holder 470mm*470mm
Double-ffaced Caster Size 150mm

Innovationist of Sickroom Products
THR-IC-15 is widely used for patients diagnosis, critical care and recovery. with excellent multifunction and satisfactory appearance, IC-15 ICU bed has pallet position adjustment ,precise scale system and lateral tilt function. The can be connected with wireless CCM system which can control the bed and monitor the beds condition. The bed greatly reduces the work strength of caregivers and improves the nursing quality to patients.

Multi-bed Position
Droved by the actuator of German Dewert, the bed can change the height of the pallet ,the inclination angle of backrest segment and thigh rest segment, and the angle of longitudinal and lateral tilt. Mean while IC-15 has one-key preprogrammed CPR position, cardiac-chair, Fowler position ,and shock position . It meets all the requirement from caregivers and patients.

Lateral Tilt Function
It can effectively prevent pressure ulcers and resolve the problem of regularly turning over the patients with pulmonary infection. It also provide better drainage after operation . special mattress (personal shape) and belts for lateral tilt are available.
Precise Scale System
Using Germany HBM sensor , the scale system reaches precision up to 50g. The absolute and differential weight can be measured continuously for adjusting the dosage of the drug and the volume of the transfusion.
X-ray Examination
X-ray translucent material of the pallet and X-cassette tray behind backrest segment make it easily to take x-ray picture of upper body without moving patient. Optional X-cassette tray below the pallet allows C arm to exam whole body.
Advanced Operation and Clear LCD Display
IC-15 has three controllers , touch screen(6 inch) , siderail controller and foot controller.
The main controller, touch screen can show the absolute weight, differential weight and medical record(should be with CCM system). Lockable Siderail controllers in both side of the backrest segment are available for patients in any positions. Foot controllers provide caregivers with simple operation of the bed while hands are not free.
Humanized Dual-Regress Function
When adjusting the backrest and thighrest segment, they simultaneously and smoothly slide apart. This effective design prevent the formation of pressure ulcers and avoid the wound split.
Technology characteristic of THR-IC-15
1 Angle of lateral tilt : 30
2 Pre-programed positions: cadiac-chair, Fowler position, shock position, CPR position, 3examination position.
3 Patient surface is made of HPL which is X-ray translucent and water-resistant.
Manual and electric CPR
4 2 operating system: 6inch touch screen, handset.
5 Scale system with high precision up to 50g. Absolute and differential weight can be displayed and weight digit can be frozen.
6 Dual-Regress function
7 X-ray tray behind backrest segment for upper body examination, and below the pallet for whole body examination
Humanized Functions
1 With high volume battery, 50 basic operates available while power cut.
2 Adopting 150mm German TENTE medical castors and central brake system, the bed can bed moved smoothly in any direction or in a straight direction or be braked.
3 200mm bed pallet extension.
4 Removable head and foot board
5 Side rails can be folded under the pallet.
6 Each side of the pallet has 2 drainage hooks and holes in corners of the bed for drip bottle holder.
7 Bumpers in 4 corners of the bed
8 Fifth castor makes it easy for the bed to turning around and entering and exiting lift.
9 The level of water proof is IPX4.

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